What is collagen?

Collagen is one of the most important building blocks in our skin. The fibrous structural protein consists of a chain of various amino acids – mainly proline, hydroxyproline and glycine. It makes up 30 percent of the total amount of protein in the human body. Collagen occurs not just in the skin, but also in the joints, bones, teeth, ligaments and tendons. But collagen production declines with age. Discover here what functions this protein has in the body and how you can top up with missing collagen through nutritional supplements from #INNERBEAUTY

What is the function of collagen in the body?


Collagen ensures that the skin remains strong and firm. It works closely with elastin to give the skin its flexibility. Collagen also strengthens cartilage structures and gives tendons and ligaments their capacity to hold the bones together. Under the surface of the skin, the collagen fibres form a kind of basic network that gives the skin a firm structure and keeps it supple at the same time.

What happens when collagen production declines?


The body produces collagen itself. But with age, it produces less and less of it. Oxidative stress also leads to a deficiency of collagen. There are then too many free radicals in the body, which destroy the collagen fibres. As a consequence, the skin increasingly loses its elasticity – it slackens and wrinkles are formed. This process cannot be stopped completely. Everybody ages naturally. But if oxidative stress is the cause of the lack of collagen production, the skin can age prematurely. You can do something to combat precisely that!

How can i supply my body with collagen?


If your body is no longer producing sufficient collagen, you can supply it from the outside. A good, regular care regime in which you use creams and lotions containing collagen will slow the process of skin ageing. Add collagen to your diet, too! Of all types of food, animal products are the best sources of collagen – bones and ligaments contain the largest amounts of the protein.

If you are not a big fan of regular bone broths, however, you can also get collagen into your body in a nutritional supplement. These are available in various forms, for example as a powder, tablets or capsules. You can also drink collagen as a shake. Ideally, you should also supply your body with other nutrients that promote good skin condition, such as biotin and hyaluronic acid.